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full bonds Sirius 1.2

Sirius visualization system


OSWindows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS, Linux
Added/UpdatedAug 8, 2010 / Aug 8, 2010
SnapshotSirius snapshot

Sirius approx. description

... The primary features include:

full support for structure building from fragments and peptide editor
graphical front-end for Modeller
distance- and geometry-based addition of hydrogens and detection of hydrogen bonds and steric clashes
command line interface and scripting compatible with RasMol
visualization of molecular dynamics trajectories with support for multi-file simulations, real-time secondary structure and RMSD calculations and export of trajectories as video
protein structure alignment
independent manipulation of displayed structures
support for PDB, MOL2, SDF and other formats
export of photorealistic graphics using bundled POV-Ray
access to PDB, InterPro and Uniprot databases with interactive features
highly capable sequence alignment editor
export/import of the current display
cross-viewer connectivity for common selection and coloring

In addition to the desktop application, the 3D visualization component has been adapted to serve as a Web component for plugging into Web pages, either static or generated dynamically from back-end databases ... [ see more ]

Sirius categories

drug discovery, Sirius, molecular modeling

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Free download Sirius 1.2

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