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full charts the iReport 4.7.0

Open source report designer for JasperReports


OSWindows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS, Linux
Added/UpdatedJul 8, 2011 / Sep 12, 2012
LicenseOpen source
SnapshotiReport snapshot

iReport approx. description

... Interface  

Fully dockable and configurable interface that supports localization
Unlimited undo/redo support
Visual designer with drag and drop
Elements and tools palette for quick access
Report inspector gives structured view of all report objects
Property sheet to edit all object properties
Built-in expression editor with syntax highlighting
Integrated preview
XML editor for report source
Database explorer
Support for plug-ins

Report Layout  

Support for input parameters
Variables to perform calculations at different report levels including sum, average, count, min/max, custom calculations, and standard deviation
Multiple sections and multiple details
Groups with multiple headers and footers
Support for multiple datasets and subreports
Customizable page format with support for multiple columns
Complete set of charts including Pie, Pie3D, Bar, Bar3D, XyBar, StackedBar, StackedBar3D, Line, XyLine, Area, XyArea, Scatter, Bubble, TimeSeries, HighLow, Candlestick, Thermometer, Meter, Gantt and multiple-series charts ...
Graphic elements including frames, lines, rectangles, round rectangles, and ellipses
Label and text fields with support for HTML and RTF formatting
Crosstab elements
Support for custom components including barcodes, lists and flash-based charts
Dynamic page break and multiple page numbering
Support for styles and conditional styles
Sfor scriptlets
Ability to write report expressions in Java, Groovy and Javascript
Support for 508 tags in PDF
Element grouping
Report internationalization and localization

Report Designer  

Magnetic guide lines
Grid and snap to grid features
Position, align, and resize elements using mouse or keyboard
Contextual menu for common operations
Resizable bands
Zoom in, zoom out
Multi-metrics rules
Drag objects from the report inspector and from the palette into the designer
Multiple element selection options
Copy and paste elements and formats
Large set of formatting tools to align, resize and format elements
Real time design error detection
Compatibility mode to save a report using a specific version of JasperReports
Crosstab designer

Designing Tools  

Report wizard to quickly create new reports
Subreport wizard to create/add/bind a new report to another report
Group wizard to group data and create group headers and footers
Hyperlink editor
Padding and borders editor
Pattern editor to format numbers and dates
Palette tools including current date, page number, page X of Y, total pages, and percentages
Wizard for creating internal variables

Data Sources  

Support for all relational databases accessible via JDBC
Support for a large set of data sources including local and remote XML files, arrays and collections of Java Beans, CSV files, Hibernate connections, EJBQL connections, XMLA servers, custom data sources and JRDataSourceProviders
Built-in support for SQL, HQL (Hibernate Query Language), MDX and XPaand XPath
Integrated SQL query builder and MDX designer
Field mapping tools for Java Beans, XML and CSV files
Automatic discovery of SQL fields
Pluggable data sources and query executers to provide support for custom query languages and data layer integration
Ability to use multiple data sources with list components and subreports
Database explorer


Large set of report templates ready to use or customize with the report wizard
Support for custom templates
Ability to import template libraries
Chart themes editor
Styles editor
Styles library
Template thumbnail creation tool

Export and Preview  

Integrated preview
Export to PDF, HTML, XHTML, XLS, RTF, DOCX, Text, CSV, OpenOffice, XML, PNG ... [ see more ]

iReport categories

JavaBeans, text, RTF, JDBC, TableModels, CSV, XML, iReport, XHTML, OpenOffice, DOCX, XLS, Hibernate, PDF, JasperReports

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Free download iReport 4.7.0

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