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Datapolis, SharePoint Column Protector (SCP).


LimitationsInstall Only
Added/UpdatedFeb 9, 2009 / Aug 24, 2010
LanguageEnglish, Polish
LicenseFree to try
SnapshotSharePoint Column Protector snapshot

SharePoint Column Protector approx. description

... Permissions for columns are defined for each content type for any SharePoint list ...

Product Functions:
* Hiding columns on SharePoint lists and document libraries
* Blocking data in columns for selected users
* Selectively securing data from specified users without the necessity of blocking their permissions to the whole element on a SharePoint list
* Blocking the possibility to change data after it had been added to a SharePoint list

Product Features:
* Easily managed, without the need of IT support
* Safety - includes diagnostics mechanism
* Full integration with SharePoint platform
* Management from web browser

System Requirements
* Windows SharePoint Services 3 ... [ see more ]

SharePoint Column Protector categories

SharePoint Add-Ons, Permission, SharePoint Security, WSS 3, WebPart

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free download SharePoint Column Protector DOWNLOAD

Free download SharePoint Column Protector


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