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VeriFinger Algorithm Demo for MS Windows 6.5

Fingerprint recognition technology demo for PC, works with readers and files



VeriFinger Algorithm Demo for MS Windows 6.5 facilities

Laisves av. 125A
LT-06118 Vilnius
Vendor`s Web
Neurotechnology webshot
OSWindows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
LimitationsInstall and Uninstall
Actualizedmore than year ago
LicenseFree to try
SnapshotVeriFinger Algorithm Demo for MS Windows snapshot
Snapshot of VeriFinger Algorithm Demo for MS Windows

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VeriFinger Algorithm Demo for MS Windows manufacturer description

Fingerprint recognition algorithm demo application enrolls and identifies fingers from supported scanners or image files.

NIST MINEX-compliant technology.
Fast matching (280,000 templates per second on Intel Core i7-2600) with reliability proven at FVC2006 and NIST FpVTE 2003.
Translation, rotation and deformation tolerant enrollment with image quality determination and features generalization.
Configurable fingerprint template size (from 200 to 6000 bytes).

The technology supports 90+ different fingerprint reader models from 40+ manufacturers.

Multi-platform VeriFinger SDK is based on this technology. 30-day trial version is available for download.
free download VeriFinger Algorithm Demo for MS Windows 6.5QUICK DOWNLOAD
Free download VeriFinger Algorithm Demo for MS Windows 6.5


VeriFinger Algorithm Demo for MS Windows video tutorials

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VeriFinger Algorithm Demo for MS Windows categories

fingerprint, roc, recognition, biometric, identification, demo, verification, security, application, matching

What is new in 6.5 changeinfo log

Improved fingerprint extraction and matching speeds and reliability, as well as number of supported fingerprint readers

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Report view - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/Documentation/FacesAlgorithmDemo.pdf - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/Documentation/FingersAlgorithmDemo.pdf - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/Documentation/IrisesAlgorithmDemo.pdf - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/Readme.txt - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmAuthenTec71/ATSC70.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmBioca/MXOTDLL.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmBiometrika/fx3.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmBiometrika/fx3scan.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmCogent/CG4EssentialsApi.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmCogent/ClydeMosaic.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmCogent/ResolutionImprove.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmCrossMatch/intl.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmCrossMatch/libglib-2.0-0.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmCrossMatch/USB4XX.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmCrossMatchLScan/NewSdk/cmtfinger.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmCrossMatchLScan/NewSdk/LScanEssentials.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmCrossMatchLScan/NewSdk/LScanEssentialsBioBase.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmCrossMatchLScan/NewSdk/QtCore4.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmCrossMatchLScan/NewSdk/QtGui4.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmCrossMatchLScan/NewSdk/QtNetwork4.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmCrossMatchLScan/NewSdk/QtWebKit4.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmCrossMatchLScan/NewSdk/QtXml4.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmCrossMatchLScan/cmtfinger.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmCrossMatchLScan/LS1394.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmCrossMatchLScan/LScanEssentials.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmCrossMatchLScan/LS_USB_Stub.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmCrossMatchLScan/LS_USB_Stub_100.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmCrossMatchLScan/LS_USB_Stub_Us.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmDermalog/DermalogFakeFingerDetectionLF10.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmDermalog/DermalogLF10.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmDermalog/DermalogLFScanAPI.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmDermalog/DermalogLiveScannerAPI.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmDermalog/DermalogLiveScannerLF10.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmDermalog/DermalogPLS1.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmDermalog/DermalogVC3.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmFutronic/ftrScanAPI.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmFutronicEthernetFam/NdmFutronicEthernetFam.ini - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmGreenBit/DS40U.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmGreenBit/DS84C.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmGreenBit/DS84U.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmGreenBit/FSM26U.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmGreenBit/GBMSAPI.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmGreenBit/MC517.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmGreenBit/MS1000U.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmGreenBit/MS500U.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmGreenBit/Visascan.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmGreenBit/VSQuality.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmGreenBit/VsRoll.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmHongda/FPDrv.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmHongda/FPDrv.dll » UPX v13_m8_dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmHongda/FPDrvS680E.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmHongda/FPDrv_4F.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmHongda/FPDrv_4F.dll » UPX v12_m2_dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmHongda/FpDrv_S503.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmHongda/FpDrv_S503.dll » UPX v12_m2_dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmHongda/FPDrv_S680.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmHongda/FPDrv_S680.dll » UPX v12_m2_dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmHongda/FpSplit.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmHongda/GA1F10.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmHongda/GA1M15.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmHongda/GA1M15.dll » UPX v12_m2_dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmHongda/GA4F11.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmHongda/GA4F11.dll » UPX v12_m2_dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmHongda/GALS0410.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmHongda/GALS0410.dll » UPX v12_m2_dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmHongda/GALS0410_4F.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmHongda/GALS0410_4F.dll » UPX v12_m2_dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmHongda/GALS0411.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmHongda/GALS0411.dll » UPX v12_m2_dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmHongda/GAMC0410.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmHongda/GAMC0410.dll » UPX v12_m2_dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmHongda/GAMC0410_4F.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmHongda/GAMC0410_4F.dll » UPX v12_m2_dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmHongda/IDFP0012.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmId3Certis/id3CertisImage.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmIdentix/Itf32.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmIntec/sop1.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmIntegratedBiometrics/BioNetCapture.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmIntegratedBiometricsIBScanUltimate/IBScanUltimate.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmKoehlke/htusblib.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmKoehlke/KoehlkeAPI.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmKoehlke/KoehlkeCap.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmLumidigm/LumiAPI.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmLumidigm/LumiCore.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmLumidigm/plugin/AlgoDvc.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmLumidigm/plugin/IEngine_Plus.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmLumidigm/plugin/MercuryDvc.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmLumidigm/plugin/PreProcV21_INT16.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmLumidigm/plugin/PreProcV31_INT16.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmLumidigm/plugin/SDvc.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmLumidigm/plugin/VenusDvc.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmLumidigm/SPM/SPM_1.bin - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmLumidigm/SPM/eSPM_1.bin - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmNitgen/NBioBSP.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmSecuGen/sgfpamx.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmSecuGen/sgfplib.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmSupremaBioMini/UFScannerC.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmSupremaRealScan/RS_SDK.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmTSTBiometrics/TSTBasic.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmUnionCommunity/UCBioBSP.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmUnionCommunity/UCDevice.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmUpek/bsapi.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FScanners/NdmZKSGroup/SFE.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/Cameras/NdmCanonEds/EDSDK.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/Cameras/NdmCanonEds/EdsImage.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/Cameras/NdmCisco/NdmCisco.ini - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/Cameras/NdmMobotix/NdmMobotix.ini - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/Cameras/NdmNikonMaid/NkdPTP.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/Cameras/NdmNikonMaid/Type0001.md3 - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/Cameras/NdmNikonMaid/Type0002.md3 - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/Cameras/NdmNikonMaid/Type0003.md3 - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/Cameras/NdmNikonMaid/Type0004.md3 - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/Cameras/NdmNikonMaid/Type0005.md3 - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/Cameras/NdmNikonMaid/Type0006.md3 - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/Cameras/NdmNikonMaid/Type0007.md3 - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/Cameras/NdmNikonMaid/Type0008.md3 - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/Cameras/NdmNikonMaid/Type0009.md3 - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/Cameras/NdmNikonMaid/Type0010.md3 - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/Cameras/NdmProsillica/PvAPI.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/IrisScanners/NdmCrossMatchIScan/bba_iscan.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/IrisScanners/NdmCrossMatchIScan/cmtfinger.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/IrisScanners/NdmCrossMatchIScan/cmtiris.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/IrisScanners/NdmCrossMatchIScan/cmt_iris_sdk.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/IrisScanners/NdmCrossMatchIScan/intl.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/IrisScanners/NdmCrossMatchIScan/libglib-2.0-0.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/IrisScanners/NdmIriTechIriMagic/IriMagicBino.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/IrisScanners/NdmIriTechIriMagic/libCMQ.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/IrisScanners/NdmIriTechIriShield/Iddk2000Mono.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/MultiModalDevices/NdmIrisGuard/IG-AD100-SDK.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/MultiModalDevices/NdmIrisGuard/IG-Helper.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/MultiModalDevices/NdmIrisGuard/ - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/MultiModalDevices/NdmIrisGuard/ - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/MultiModalDevices/NdmIrisGuard/ - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/MultiModalDevices/NdmIrisGuard/ - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/MultiModalDevices/NdmIrisGuard/ - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/MultiModalDevices/NdmIrisGuard/ - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/MultiModalDevices/NdmVistaImaging/VciEY2.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/MultiModalDevices/NdmVistaImaging/VciEY2H.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/MultiModalDevices/NdmVistaImaging/VciEY2P.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/MultiModalDevices/NdmVistaImaging/VciFa2.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/MultiModalDevices/NdmVistaImaging/VciMt.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FingersAlgorithmDemo.exe - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/FacesAlgorithmDemo.exe - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/IrisesAlgorithmDemo.exe - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/LiveMedia.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/msvcp80.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/msvcr80.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/msvcp90.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/msvcr90.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/msvcp100.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/msvcr100.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/msvcp110.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/msvcr110.dll - CLEAN » ZIP » Neurotec_Biometric_5_0_Algorithm_Demo_Win32_x86/Revision.txt - CLEAN
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End user agreement for VeriFinger Algorithm Demo for MS Windows

MegaMatcher 4.3, VeriFinger 6.5, VeriLook 5.2, VeriEye 2.5, VeriSpeak 1.1 SDK License Agreement
IMPORTANT - Read this License Agreement Carefully
By buying MegaMatcher 4.3, VeriFinger 6.5, VeriLook 5.2, VeriEye 2.5, VeriSpeak 1.1 Standard or Extended SDK you indicate your acceptance of this License Agreement.
Definitions and Interpretations

In this Agreement, unless the context otherwise requires:

"SDK" means the software development kit product, which is covered by this License Agreement, and which contains MegaMatcher 4.3 SDK, VeriFinger 6.5 SDK, VeriLook 5.2 SDK, VeriEye 2.5 SDK, VeriSpeak 1.1 SDK parts and the following components:

1. Fingerprint Extractor - provides functionality of fingerprint template creation and fingerprint capturing from supported fingerprint scanners;
2. Fingerprint Segmenter - provides functionality of slap fingerprint image segmentation into particular fingerprint images;
3. Fingerprint WSQ - provides functionality of fingerprint image compression and decompression from/to WSQ format;
4. Fingerprint BSS - provides support of biometric standards related to fingerprints;
5. Fingerprint Matcher - provides functionality of fingerprint template matching;
6. Fast Fingerprint Matcher - provides functionality of fast fingerprint template matching;
7. Face Extractor - provides functionality of face detection and face template creation;
8. Face BSS - provides support of biometric standards related to faces;
9. Face Matcher - provides functionality of face template matching;
10. Fast Face Matcher - provides functionality of fast face template matching;
11. Iris Extractor - provides functionality of iris template creation;
12. Iris BSS - provides support of biometric standards related to iris;
13. Iris Matcher - provides functionality of iris template matching;
14. Fast Iris Matcher - provides functionality of fast iris template matching;
15. Voice Extractor - provides functionality of voice template creation;
16. Voice Matcher - provides functionality of voice template matching;
17. Palm Print Client - provides functionality of palm print template creation, palm print capturing from supported palm print scanners, support of biometric standards related to palm prints;
18. Palm Print Matcher - provides functionality of palm print template matching;
19. Matching Server - provides functionality of communication with client side, database and fingerprint/face/iris/palm print matching components;
20. Cluster Server - allows distribute matching functionality among computers connected over network;
21. Fingerprint Client - covers Fingerprint Extractor, Fingerprint BSS, Fingerprint Segmenter, Fingerprint WSQ components;
22. Face Client - covers Face Extractor, Face BSS components;
23. Iris Client - covers Iris Extractor, Iris BSS components;
24. Voice Client - covers Voice Extractor component.

The following component and their installation licenses are included in the particular software development kits:

VeriFinger 6.5 Standard SDK:
1. One Single Computer License of Fingerprint Extractor component
2. One Single Computer License of Fingerprint Matcher component

VeriFinger 6.5 Extended SDK:
1. All components licenses included into VeriFinger 6.5 Standard SDK
2. Three Single Computer Licenses of Fingerprint Client component
3. One Concurrent Network License of Fingerprint Client component
4. Unlimited Matching Server License of Matching Server component

VeriLook 5.2 Standard SDK:
1. One Single Computer License of Face Extractor component
2. One Single Computer License of Face Matcher component

VeriLook 5.2 Extended SDK:
1. All components licenses included into VeriLook 5.2 Standard SDK
2. Three Single Computer Licenses of Face Client component
3. One Concurrent Network License of Face Client component
4. Unlimited Matching Server License of Matching Server component

VeriEye 2.5 Standard SDK:
1. One Single Computer License of Iris Extractor component
2. One Single Computer License of Iris Matcher component

VeriEye 2.5 Extended SDK:
1. All components licenses included into VeriEye 2.5 Standard SDK
2. Three Single Computer Licenses of Iris Client component
3. One Concurrent Network License of Iris Client component
4. Unlimited Matching Server License of Matching Server component

VeriSpeak 1.1 Standard SDK:
1. One Single Computer License of Voice Extractor component
2. One Single Computer License of Voice Matcher component

VeriSpeak 1.1 Extended SDK:
1. All components licenses included into VeriSpeak 1.1 Standard SDK
2. Three Single Computer Licenses of Voice Client component
3. One Concurrent Network License of Voice Client component
4. Unlimited Matching Server License of Matching Server component

MegaMatcher 4.3 Standard SDK:
1. All components licenses included into VeriFinger 6.5 Extended SDK
2. All components licenses included into VeriLook 5.2 Extended SDK
3. All components licenses included into VeriEye 2.5 Extended SDK
4. All components licenses included into VeriSpeak 1.1 Extended SDK
5. One Single Computer License of Fast Fingerprint Matcher component
6. One Single Computer License of Fast Face Matcher component
7. One Single Computer License of Fast Iris Matcher component
8. One Single Computer License of Palm Print Matcher component
9. One Single Computer License of Palm Print Client component

MegaMatcher 4.3 Extended SDK:
1. All components licenses included into MegaMatcher 4.3 Standard SDK
2. One Single Computer License of Cluster Server component
3. One Single Computer License of Fast Fingerprint Matcher component
4. One Single Computer License of Fast Face Matcher component
5. One Single Computer License of Fast Iris Matcher component
6. One Single Computer License of Voice Matcher component
7. One Single Computer License of Palm Print Matcher component

The additional component licenses can be obtained at any time. Particular SDK customer can obtain only component licenses which are included into obtained SDK.
"Licensee Product" means the SDK or it part integrated into software created by Licensee. Each Licensee Product installation requires licenses of the used SDK components. Licensee Product cannot be used for any third-party product development. SDK components can have Single Computer License, Concurrent Network License or Unlimited License (applied only for Matching Server component).
"Single Computer License" means license to install and run particular component of the SDK on a single Personal Computer or on one Server CPU.
"Concurrent Network License " means license to install particular component of the SDK on an unlimited number of computers, the allowed number of simultaneously running component instances is limited by the number of obtained concurrent licenses which are stored in the volume license manager dongle. Fingerprint Client, Face Client, Iris Client, Voice Client components can have Concurrent Network License.
"Volume License Manager" means license management software and a dongle, which are used to store the number of obtained licenses. Volume license manager can be used to activate Single Computer Licenses for the particular computer, manage Single Computer Licenses and/or Concurrent Network License s over network or provide licenses to the computer to which it is connected.
"Unlimited Matching Server License" means license to install and use Matching Server component in unlimited number of Licensee Products for which at least one of the followings components license is available: Fingerprint Matcher, Fast Fingerprint Matcher, Face Matcher, Fast Face Matcher, Iris Matcher, Fast Iris Matcher, Voice Matcher, Palm Print Matcher.

The following License terms govern your use of the SDK unless you have concluded the separate agreement with Neurotechnology. By installing, you agree to be bound by the terms of this License Agreement. If you do not agree to the terms of this License Agreement, you may not install, copy or otherwise use the SDK.
SDK Product License

Copyright laws and international copyright treaties, as well as other intellectual property laws and treaties protect the SDK. The SDK is licensed, not sold.
1. Grant of License. Description of other Rights and Limitations

1.1. Use of the SDK or the SDK components.
Neurotechnology grants you a personal, non-exclusive license to use the SDK for the purpose of designing, developing, and testing and distribute the Licensee Products. Installation, adaptation, redistribution in any other manner than prescribed in this Agreement is forbidden and concludes the breach of this Agreement provisions.

1.2. Installation
You may install the SDK on a hard disk or other storage device; install and use the SDK on a file server for use on a network for the purposes of:

permanent installation onto hard disks or other storage devices;
use of the SDK over such network; and make backup copies of the SDK.

1.3. Reproduction and redistribution
You may reproduce and redistribute the Licensee Products only in object code form and only when incorporated into your software products provided to the End Users, as many times as you have obtained used components' installation licenses. You may not include the SDK as part of development tool or software development kit.

1.4. Protection of intellectual rights
In order to protect Neurotechnology's intellectual property rights in the SDK, you must reproduce on each copy of Licensee Product a copyright notice that clearly states:
"Copyright _ [Licensee Name]. Portions Copyright 1998-2012 Neurotechnology. All Rights Reserved."
and you must distribute your product pursuant to a valid agreement that is at least as protective of Neurotechnology's rights in the SDK as this License Agreement.

1.5. Restrictions.

1.5.1. Limitations on Reverse Engineering, Decompilation, and Disassembly.
You may not reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble the SDK. You must forbid your End Users to reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble any part of the SDK. If you learn of any misuse of the SDK, you shall notify Neurotechnology immediately.

1.5.2. Rental.
You may not lease or rent the SDK.

1.5.3. Proprietary notices.
You may not remove any proprietary notices on the SDK.

1.5.4 Transfer of rights.
Permanent or temporal transfer of all or any of your rights acquired due to this Agreement is forbidden without Neurotechnology consent.

1.5.5 Export control.
You will not export or re-export SDK without appropriate licenses, in case the law requires such licenses.
2. Ownership

The SDK is owned and copyrighted by Neurotechnology. Your license confers no title to, or ownership in the SDK and is not sale of any rights of the SDK. No one provision of this Agreement should not be construed as an expression to assign or sell any copyrights or any other intellectual property rights to the SDK from Neurotechnology to you.
3. Copyright

All title and copyrights in and to the SDK, and accompanying printed materials are owned by Neurotechnology. Copyright laws and International treaty provisions protect the SDK. You may not use or copy the SDK or any accompanying written materials for any purposes other than what is described in this Agreement. The SDK is Copyright © 1998-2012 Neurotechnology. All rights reserved. The SDK remains the sole and exclusive property of Neurotechnology at all times.
4. Technical Support

Neurotechnology agrees to provide technical support via Internet, using E-mail address provided on:
5. Disclaimer of Warranty

Neurotechnology declares that the SDK confirms to its published specifications and is delivered to you free from any defects. However the SDK is provided on an "AS IS" basis, and Neurotechnology shall in no event warrant the performance or results you may obtain by using the SDK. Neurotechnology declares that the SDK have no bugs or other non-conformances. However if you find any defects in the SDK, Neurotechnology's liability is limited to replacement of the SDK, which will be fulfilled within the duration of 30 (thirty) days from the moment of information about such defects of the SDK.

This disclaimer of warranty constitutes an essential part of the agreement.
6. Exclusion of Liability/Damages

The following is without prejudice to any rights you may have at law, which cannot legally be excluded or restricted. You acknowledge that no promise, representation, warranty or undertaking has been made or given by Neurotechnology (or any of its directors, officers, employees, affiliates or owners) to any person or company on its behalf in relation to the profitability of or any other consequences or benefits to be obtained from the delivery or use of the SDK or other materials.

You have relied upon your own skill and judgment in deciding to acquire the SDK and any accompanying manuals and other materials for use by you. Except as and to the extent provided in this agreement, neither Neurotechnology nor any of its directors, officers, employees, affiliates or owners will in any circumstances be liable for any other damages whatsoever (including, without limitation, damages for loss of business, business interruption, loss of business information or other indirect, incidental, special or consequential loss) arising out of the use, or inability to use, or supply or non-supply, of the SDK and any accompanying written materials regardless of the basis of the claim and even if Neurotechnology, or an authorized Neurotechnology's representative has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

Some states or jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental, consequential or special damages, or the exclusion of implied warranties or limitations on how long an implied warranty may last, so the above limitations may not apply to you.

Neurotechnology's total liability under any provision of this agreement is in any case limited to the amount actually paid by you for the SDK.
7. Term

This Agreement will become effective upon your acceptance and continue in effect unless you cease to use the SDK. You may terminate this License Agreement at any time. In addition, without prejudice to any other rights, this Agreement and the license granted hereunder will terminate automatically if you fail to comply with the terms and conditions described herein. You agree that, upon such termination, you will destroy or permanently erase all copies of the SDK, and that you will immediately cease any distribution of Licensee Products.
8. Entire Agreement

This License Agreement is the entire agreement between you and Neurotechnology relative to the SDK, and supersedes all prior statements, proposals or agreements relative to its subject matter, written or oral. This Agreement may only be modified in writing signed by an authorized representative of Neurotechnology.
9. Controlling Law and Severability

This License shall be governed by laws of Lithuania. If for any reason a court of competent jurisdiction finds any provision of this License, or portion thereof, to be unenforceable, that provision of the License shall be enforced to the maximum extent permissible so as to effect the intent of the parties, and the remainder of this License shall continue in full force and effect.
10. Trademarks

MegaMatcher, VeriFinger, VeriLook, VeriEye, VeriSpeak are trademarks of Neurotechnology.
11. Government Agreements

The SDK is developed exclusively at private expense and is identified as "commercial computer software and documentation" and thus, Licensee's Products shall be licensed to any of Government of any State or jurisdiction under the terms of license agreement containing the minimum terms as set forth in this agreement.