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to solve malfunctions of device drivers under the windows systems


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OSWindows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
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100% SAFE logo Agent manufacturer description Agent 7.0 is designed to solve malfunctions of device drivers for the Microsoft Windows operating systems. It contains more than 1,600,000 device drivers , Verified by millions of users, You can complete driver backup, hardware detection, device failure analysis, driver searching, driver download, driver install and driver upgrade.

Why using Agent?
(1) It contains more than 1,600,000 device drivers.
(2) You can free backup drivers to the remote server avoid loss of driver disks.
(3) All functions are simple, with one-click and can run in the browser.
(4) Services can be bound to your computer.
(5) In case that the computer is incapable of connecting to the internet, another computer can be used to download drivers.
(6) The Driver Seek service allows users to find drivers of all versions for the computer.
(7) The Driver Repair/Upgrade service simply operates with a single click on the hardware detection, driver matching, driver download and driver setup with one click.
(8) You can control all device drivers through the device manager service. The File Export function generates computer device information file. Then, the Driver Seek service can import the file so that drivers for the computer disconnected from the internet can be searched for and downloaded.

System Requirement

Suite of Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, 2003 , Vista and Windows 7 platforms.
Internet Explorer 5 and higher series versions or compatible browsers;
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Free download Agent 7.0

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