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FRSLinkCheck 3.1.0

Validates all the links on one or more web sites you maintain.



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OSWindows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 64-bit (x86_64)
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FRSLinkCheck manufacturer description

FRSLinkCheck 3.1.0 is a software tool for validating all the links on one or more web sites you maintain. It can verify the links between files in your web site, as well as links to other web sites on the Internet. FRSLinkCheck Link verification is intended for anyone who maintains web sites, either as a hobby or as part of your work responsibilities.

So What's the Problem?
Nearly all web sites these days have links to other web sites. Web sites that are outside of your direct control. These types of links are referred to as "external links". The problem is that those web sites can disappear without notice. How do you know when they have been changed or removed?

You can, of course, manually click on each external link on your web site to see if the link is still valid. However, checking these links on a regular basis is just plain boring. Which means it doesn't get done, and web sites wind up looking abandoned because visitors quickly discover that links aren't working. FRSLinkCheck download makes this process trivial!
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Clean award guarantees that FRSLinkCheck was tested by antivirus program and is absolutely clean, which means it does not contain any form of malware, including computer viruses, adware, trojans, spyware, rootkits, badware and other malicious and unwanted software.
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FRSLinkCheckInstall.exe » INNO » - CLEAN
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FRSLinkCheckInstall.exe » INNO » {app}\frs005.dll - CLEAN
FRSLinkCheckInstall.exe » INNO » {app}\frs006.dll - CLEAN
FRSLinkCheckInstall.exe » INNO » {app}\frs007.dll - CLEAN
FRSLinkCheckInstall.exe » INNO » {app}\frs009.dll - CLEAN
FRSLinkCheckInstall.exe » INNO » {app}\frs020.dll - CLEAN
FRSLinkCheckInstall.exe » INNO » {app}\frs031.dll - CLEAN
FRSLinkCheckInstall.exe » INNO » {app}\frs032.dll - CLEAN
FRSLinkCheckInstall.exe » INNO » {app}\frs033.dll - CLEAN
FRSLinkCheckInstall.exe » INNO » {app}\frs044.dll - CLEAN
FRSLinkCheckInstall.exe » INNO » {app}\frs045.dll - CLEAN
FRSLinkCheckInstall.exe » INNO » {app}\frs046.dll - CLEAN
FRSLinkCheckInstall.exe » INNO » {app}\frs048.dll - CLEAN
FRSLinkCheckInstall.exe » INNO » {app}\frs050.dll - CLEAN
FRSLinkCheckInstall.exe » INNO » {app}\frs051.dll - CLEAN
FRSLinkCheckInstall.exe » INNO » {app}\frs052.dll - CLEAN
FRSLinkCheckInstall.exe » INNO » {app}\frs053.dll - CLEAN
FRSLinkCheckInstall.exe » INNO » {app}\frs054.dll - CLEAN
FRSLinkCheckInstall.exe » INNO » {app}\frs055.dll - CLEAN
FRSLinkCheckInstall.exe » INNO » {app}\frs056.dll - CLEAN
FRSLinkCheckInstall.exe » INNO » {app}\FRSLinkCheck.exe - CLEAN
FRSLinkCheckInstall.exe » INNO » {app}\FRSLinkCheckDC.url - CLEAN
FRSLinkCheckInstall.exe » INNO » {app}\msvcp100.dll - CLEAN
FRSLinkCheckInstall.exe » INNO » {app}\msvcr100.dll - CLEAN
FRSLinkCheckInstall.exe » INNO » {app}\mfc100.dll - CLEAN
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Company reserves the right to modify this EULA at any time without obligation to notify anyone. The latest copy is always distributed as part of the FRSLinkCheck's electronic documentation, and can be reviewed by you at any time. In no event shall Company's or its suppliers' liability under this agreement exceed the sum of any amounts paid hereunder by you to Company or the suppliers.

The license will terminate automatically if you fail to comply with the terms, conditions, or limitations contained in this EULA, including the payment of applicable license or other fees. On termination, you shall destroy all copies of Software. Otherwise, this EULA shall remain in force until terminated. You may terminate this EULA at any time (with no obligation on the part of Company) by destroying all copies of Software, deleting any copies of the Software from your hard drives, ceasing all use of Software; and providing satisfactory proof to Company that you have done so. The disclaimer of warranty and limitations on liability contained in Section 4 shall continue in force even after your rights to use the Software are terminated.

If Software is designated by Company as an upgrade ("Upgrade" in this agreement) product, then you may only use Software if you are also currently a licensed user, or evaluating Software during the 21-day trial period, of the base product to which the Upgrade applies. Unless the Company documentation for an Upgrade specifically provides, you shall not separate upgrade products from base products, nor transfer them separately. Company reserves the sole and exclusive right to set its policies and prices regarding updates, upgrades and enhancements. All other terms of this EULA apply with equal force to any such Upgrades. Software may communicate with Company's server from time to time to check for available updates to Software, such as bug fixes, patches, enhanced functions, missing documentation and data files, and new versions (collectively, "Upgrades"). By installing Software, you agree to automatically request and receive Upgrades.
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Software does not communicate personally-identifiable information back to Company, nor any third party. Software does not upload data nor data files back to the Company server, nor any third party. Company reserves the right to have Software communicate Customer license serial number back to the Company server to verify legitimacy of Software after Customer has purchased a serial number for Software.

This EULA shall be governed by and construed under the substantive laws applicable to the State of Texas, United States of America. If any provision of this EULA is held to be unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect.

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