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Vista Network Icons 1.0

Vista Style Networking Icons for Network Applications



Vista Network Icons 1.0 facilities

522 S. Hunt Club Blvd, #368
32703 Apopka
United States of America
Vendor`s Web
Professional-Icons webshot
OSWindows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, 64-bit (x86_64)
LimitationsNone : No Install Support
Actualizedmore than year ago
LicenseFree to try
SnapshotVista Network Icons snapshot
Snapshot of Vista Network Icons

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Vista Network Icons manufacturer description

Looking to bring a fresh face to your next networking-oriented application? These stock vista icons can give you the glossy look and feel you desire, but with the custom touch that only unique, pixel-perfect designs can provide. When considering an in-house solution, it's important to factor in the tedious detailed-oriented handiwork that goes into developing a vista icon package in all the sizes needed for modern development. Instead, save both time and money by purchasing a pre-packaged stock icon solution from You'll find all the sizes and formats needed for gorgeous toolbars, ribbonbars, treeviews, listviews, and much more. With sizes like 16x and 32x, you can easily toggle between resolutions based on the amount of visual real estate. This is a popular concept utilized by modern toolbars such as the tab-based Microsoft ribbonbar. Each size is hand optimized to ensure clarity and the perfect amount of detail. This is especially important with more realistic styles such as with Windows Vista Icons. Many vendors are content auto-resizing a high-resolution image, which leaves a poor undecipherable result. Our process is quite different, treating each size as it's own icon, updating each accordingly while still maintaining the original characteristics of the high resolution image. See the difference that a high-quality icon stock can make to your application's interface.
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Free download Vista Network Icons 1.0


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Vista Network Icons categories

professional icons, vista stock icons, network icons, networking, gui design

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Clean award guarantees that Vista Network Icons was tested by antivirus program and is absolutely clean, which means it does not contain any form of malware, including computer viruses, adware, trojans, spyware, rootkits, badware and other malicious and unwanted software.
Report view - CLEAN » ZIP » Screenshot.jpg - CLEAN » ZIP » Vista Network v1 (Demo).pdf - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/BMP_Mask/Disabled/16x16/Floppy_Backup.bmp - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/BMP_Mask/Disabled/24x24/Floppy_Backup.bmp - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/BMP_Mask/Disabled/32x32/Floppy_Backup.bmp - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/BMP_Mask/Disabled/48x48/Floppy_Backup.bmp - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/BMP_Mask/Disabled/72x72/Floppy_Backup.bmp - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/BMP_Mask/Hot/16x16/Floppy_Backup.bmp - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/BMP_Mask/Hot/24x24/Floppy_Backup.bmp - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/BMP_Mask/Hot/32x32/Floppy_Backup.bmp - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/BMP_Mask/Hot/48x48/Floppy_Backup.bmp - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/BMP_Mask/Hot/72x72/Floppy_Backup.bmp - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/BMP_Mask/Regular/16x16/Floppy_Backup.bmp - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/BMP_Mask/Regular/24x24/Floppy_Backup.bmp - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/BMP_Mask/Regular/32x32/Floppy_Backup.bmp - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/BMP_Mask/Regular/48x48/Floppy_Backup.bmp - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/BMP_Mask/Regular/72x72/Floppy_Backup.bmp - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/GIF/Disabled/128x128/Floppy_Backup.gif - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/GIF/Disabled/16x16/Floppy_Backup.gif - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/GIF/Disabled/24x24/Floppy_Backup.gif - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/GIF/Disabled/256x256/Floppy_Backup.gif - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/GIF/Disabled/32x32/Floppy_Backup.gif - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/GIF/Disabled/48x48/Floppy_Backup.gif - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/GIF/Disabled/72x72/Floppy_Backup.gif - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/GIF/Hot/16x16/Floppy_Backup.gif - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/GIF/Hot/24x24/Floppy_Backup.gif - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/GIF/Hot/32x32/Floppy_Backup.gif - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/GIF/Hot/48x48/Floppy_Backup.gif - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/GIF/Hot/72x72/Floppy_Backup.gif - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/GIF/Regular/128x128/Floppy_Backup.gif - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/GIF/Regular/16x16/Floppy_Backup.gif - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/GIF/Regular/24x24/Floppy_Backup.gif - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/GIF/Regular/256x256/Floppy_Backup.gif - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/GIF/Regular/32x32/Floppy_Backup.gif - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/GIF/Regular/48x48/Floppy_Backup.gif - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/GIF/Regular/72x72/Floppy_Backup.gif - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/ICNS/Disabled/Floppy_Backup.icns - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/ICNS/Hot/Floppy_Backup.icns - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/ICNS/Regular/Floppy_Backup.icns - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/ICO_8/Disabled/Floppy_Backup.ico - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/ICO_8/Hot/Floppy_Backup.ico - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/ICO_8/Regular/Floppy_Backup.ico - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/ICO_Vista/Disabled/Floppy_Backup.ico - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/ICO_Vista/Hot/Floppy_Backup.ico - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/ICO_Vista/Regular/Floppy_Backup.ico - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/ICO_XP/Disabled/Floppy_Backup.ico - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/ICO_XP/Hot/Floppy_Backup.ico - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/ICO_XP/Regular/Floppy_Backup.ico - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/JPG/Disabled/128x128/Floppy_Backup.jpg - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/JPG/Disabled/16x16/Floppy_Backup.jpg - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/JPG/Disabled/24x24/Floppy_Backup.jpg - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/JPG/Disabled/256x256/Floppy_Backup.jpg - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/JPG/Disabled/32x32/Floppy_Backup.jpg - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/JPG/Disabled/48x48/Floppy_Backup.jpg - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/JPG/Disabled/72x72/Floppy_Backup.jpg - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/JPG/Hot/16x16/Floppy_Backup.jpg - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/JPG/Hot/24x24/Floppy_Backup.jpg - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/JPG/Hot/32x32/Floppy_Backup.jpg - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/JPG/Hot/48x48/Floppy_Backup.jpg - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/JPG/Hot/72x72/Floppy_Backup.jpg - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/JPG/Regular/128x128/Floppy_Backup.jpg - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/JPG/Regular/16x16/Floppy_Backup.jpg - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/JPG/Regular/24x24/Floppy_Backup.jpg - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/JPG/Regular/256x256/Floppy_Backup.jpg - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/JPG/Regular/32x32/Floppy_Backup.jpg - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/JPG/Regular/48x48/Floppy_Backup.jpg - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/JPG/Regular/72x72/Floppy_Backup.jpg - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/PNG/Disabled/128x128/Floppy_Backup.png - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/PNG/Disabled/16x16/Floppy_Backup.png - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/PNG/Disabled/24x24/Floppy_Backup.png - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/PNG/Disabled/256x256/Floppy_Backup.png - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/PNG/Disabled/32x32/Floppy_Backup.png - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/PNG/Disabled/48x48/Floppy_Backup.png - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/PNG/Disabled/72x72/Floppy_Backup.png - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/PNG/Hot/16x16/Floppy_Backup.png - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/PNG/Hot/24x24/Floppy_Backup.png - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/PNG/Hot/32x32/Floppy_Backup.png - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/PNG/Hot/48x48/Floppy_Backup.png - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/PNG/Hot/72x72/Floppy_Backup.png - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/PNG/Regular/128x128/Floppy_Backup.png - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/PNG/Regular/16x16/Floppy_Backup.png - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/PNG/Regular/24x24/Floppy_Backup.png - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/PNG/Regular/256x256/Floppy_Backup.png - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/PNG/Regular/32x32/Floppy_Backup.png - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/PNG/Regular/48x48/Floppy_Backup.png - CLEAN » ZIP » Sample Icons/Floppy_Backup/PNG/Regular/72x72/Floppy_Backup.png - CLEAN
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Vista Network Icons permissions

LIMITED DISTRIBUTION LICENSE Permission is granted to individuals charging no fees, and to User Groups, Mail-Order Vendors, CD-ROM publishers, and File Distribution Networks regardless of fees, to distribute this software, provided they convey a complete and unaltered copy of the shareware version of this product (except that they may add a single information file or ZIP comment to the files being distributed), and provided they claim no ownership of these products. Permission to distribute these products is not transferable, assignable, saleable, or franchisable. Each vendor wishing to distribute these products must independently satisfy the terms of this limited distribution license.

End user agreement for Vista Network Icons

You may modify the images and use them in your own applications, websites, and digital media subject to the following terms and conditions:
Type of License:
You will receive a "site license". This entitles "one company" at "one location" to use the icons purchased in any number of projects, subject to the terms of this agreement.
No transfer of ownership:
You may not lease, resell, license, or sub-license the images, or a subset thereof, to any third party. This also applies to any derived artwork or modified images from the icon collections. The images may not be used to sell or otherwise promote image collections that compete directly with You may not grant or otherwise make available for use the images in their original or modified forms.
No royalty fees:
Once you have purchased a license, there are no royalty fees. This means you can use the images in your software and design projects without having to pay additional licensing fees.
Creating applications for clients:
You may create software applications or websites on behalf of a client, as long as the client does not modify and resell the application or website. If the client is engaged in joint development or intends to modify the icons or use them for other purposes, an additional license must be purchased from
Distributing the images:
All distributed images must be "in use" by the distributed application or website. You may not include the collection to "add value" to your product or service. Care should be taken to protect the artwork and/or derived artworks from being copied and/or obtained by a third party. If you are distributing a website, we understand that there is no way to compile the images into a DLL or resource library. This is acceptable as long as the other terms are met.
All stock icons are provided "as is" without warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. By purchasing any of these collections you agree to hold harmless for any result that may occur during the course of using the images.