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TCAD for Delphi.BCB.Kylix.DotNET 2010.12

TCAD is a component that will help you write vector graphics applications.



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OSWindows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Linux, 64-bit (x86_64)
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TCAD is a component that will help you write vector graphics applications. Shapes can be interacted with by mouse or code. It is easy to use, effective and powerful. It will save you valuable time. Drawing shapes on the designer canvas by mouse actions or code. Modifying the drawed shapes. Support multi-layers, printing/deleting/visible invisible layer(s). Using all colors possible. Using different style of pens ,different style of brushes if you need. Creating text objects with any font installed in the system. Necessarily shape action related events published. Using page formats like (A0,A1,A2,A3,A4,letter, etc.) or custom sizes. Undo actions Cutting, copying, pasting and deleting the shapes. Sendtoback,Bringtofront all or by a step. Ordering the shapes(SendToBack, BringToFront, etc.) Rotating, Dragging and Scaling the shapes by mouse or code. Aligning the shape in any style. Easy to create user-define combine shape Snapping the mouse point to grids,shape outline. Powerful inspector Locking/Unlocking Shape Showing HotSpot of a shape or hiding. Grouping and ungrouping the shapes. Zooming and panning, viewing the drawing in any scale. Showing hints when mouse enter a shape. Easy to create your library with [Library creating tool(GUI)] ; Dynamic link line supported , using mouse or code, like VISIO; Support line crossing and line breaking; Support 24 gradient style fill mode Saving the drawing as disk file or stream(database) and opening it. Printing the drawing to the printer and/or plotter. Inserting bitmaps to the drawing. Scaling, rotating,dragging bitmaps like a shape. Exporting the drawing as WMF,bitmap,Jpg,dxf file.and more function........
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Free download TCAD for Delphi.BCB.Kylix.DotNET 2010.12

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What is new in 2010.12 changeinfo log

[VCL] TCAD xp.i.5 upgrade. . 2009-08-20. . Upgrade information:. . [+]Support Embarcadero RAD Studio 2010. [+]Add saving file of XML format in "Editor Demo"

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Report view - CLEAN » ZIP » CADDemo/Basic/BasicDemo.exe - CLEAN » ZIP » CADDemo/Basic/Images/0.BMP - CLEAN » ZIP » CADDemo/Basic/Images/1.BMP - CLEAN » ZIP » CADDemo/Basic/Images/2.BMP - CLEAN » ZIP » CADDemo/Basic/Images/3.BMP - CLEAN » ZIP » CADDemo/Basic/Images/4.BMP - CLEAN » ZIP » CADDemo/Basic/Images/5.BMP - CLEAN » ZIP » CADDemo/Basic/Images/6.BMP - CLEAN » ZIP » CADDemo/Basic/Images/7.BMP - CLEAN » ZIP » CADDemo/BrushBitmapFill/BrushBitmapFill.exe - CLEAN » ZIP » CADDemo/BrushBitmapFill/filla.bmp - CLEAN » ZIP » CADDemo/BrushBitmapFill/fillb.bmp - CLEAN » ZIP » CADDemo/BrushBitmapFill/fillc.bmp - CLEAN » ZIP » CADDemo/BrushBitmapFill/filld.bmp - CLEAN » ZIP » CADDemo/Database/tcaddb.db - CLEAN » ZIP » CADDemo/Database/tcaddb.exe - CLEAN » ZIP » CADDemo/Database/tcaddb.MB - CLEAN » ZIP » CADDemo/Editor/DesignallWinEN.exe - CLEAN » ZIP » CADDemo/Editor/LIBS/demolibxp.a.lib - CLEAN » ZIP » CADDemo/Editor/LIBS/dianzixp.a.lib - CLEAN » ZIP » CADDemo/Editor/LIBS/softwarexp.a.lib - CLEAN » ZIP » CADDemo/Editor/LIBS/¦t¦°+¬+¦xp.a.lib - CLEAN » ZIP » CADDemo/Editor/Samples/dianzi-xp.tcad - CLEAN » ZIP » CADDemo/Editor/Samples/industry.tcad - CLEAN » ZIP » CADDemo/Editor/Samples/softwaredrawEN.tcad - CLEAN » ZIP » CADDemo/EditorCN/designallWinCN.exe - CLEAN » ZIP » CADDemo/Events/Events1.exe - CLEAN » ZIP » CADDemo/Gradient/GradientDemo.exe - CLEAN » ZIP » CADDemo/KeyBoard/Project2.exe - CLEAN » ZIP » CADDemo/Linkline/demolibxp.a.lib - CLEAN » ZIP » CADDemo/Linkline/LinkDemo.exe - CLEAN » ZIP » CADDemo/ResizeGroupByCode/ResizeGroupShape.exe - CLEAN » ZIP » CADDemo/ResizeUDFByCode/ResizeUDFShape.exe - CLEAN » ZIP » CADDemo/ResizeUDFByCode/samplexp.a.lib - CLEAN » ZIP » CADDemo/SetUnit/Project2.exe - CLEAN » ZIP » CADDemo/ShapeSizing/ShapeSizing.exe - CLEAN » ZIP » CADDemo/Start/StartDemo.exe - CLEAN » ZIP » CADDemo/TestPolyline/Project1.exe - CLEAN » ZIP » CADDemo/XYMode/Project1.exe - CLEAN
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SPECIFIC EXCLUSION OF OTHER WARRANTIES: The warranty provided above is in lieu of all other warranties, and there are no other warranties, representations or guarantees of any kind whatsoever, either express or implied, whether arising by statute, agreement, tort, product liability or otherwise, regarding the Software Product, or any other materials to be supplied by Vendor, including warranties as to merchantability, fitness for purpose, design, condition or quality. NO CONSEQUENTIAL LOSS: In no event will Vendor or its third party suppliers be liable to You for lost profits, lost savings or any punitive, exemplary, incidental, consequential or special damages arising out of the possession or use of the Software Product, or any other materials to be supplied hereunder. 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