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Watchlist 1.0

Vista Freeware eBay Watchlist Gadget for tracking auctions on My eBay



Watchlist 1.0 facilities

9 Moore Close
CB4 1ZP Cambridge
United Kingdom
Vendor`s Web
Buyertools Ltd. (PP) webshot
OSWindows Vista, 64-bit (x86_64)
LimitationsInstall and Uninstall
Actualizedmore than year ago
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Watchlist manufacturer description

The Watchlist 1.0 Gadget eliminates the hassles checking up on auctions. Auction data in the Watchlist Auction & investment Gadget is retrieved directly from the eBay database of "My eBay". Stay easily updated on auctions in the Watching section of My eBay. Automatic three-step authorization and quick access to auction pages for fast bidding.

The Watchlist Gadget is one of the Pricepirates freeware programs made especially for the new Vista Gadget concept. Users interested in this freeware may also like to try the Auctionsearch Gadget.
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Clean award guarantees that Watchlist was tested by antivirus program and is absolutely clean, which means it does not contain any form of malware, including computer viruses, adware, trojans, spyware, rootkits, badware and other malicious and unwanted software.
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Watchlist.gadget » ZIP » en/data/ssleay32.dll - CLEAN
Watchlist.gadget » ZIP » en/data/WLDat.dat - CLEAN
Watchlist.gadget » ZIP » en/data/WLGadgetProject.ocx - CLEAN
Watchlist.gadget » ZIP » en/gadget.xml - CLEAN
Watchlist.gadget » ZIP » en/images/bid.png - CLEAN
Watchlist.gadget » ZIP » en/images/bidDown.png - CLEAN
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Watchlist.gadget » ZIP » en/images/buy.png - CLEAN
Watchlist.gadget » ZIP » en/images/buyDown.png - CLEAN
Watchlist.gadget » ZIP » en/images/buyOver.png - CLEAN
Watchlist.gadget » ZIP » en/images/laden.gif - CLEAN
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Watchlist.gadget » ZIP » images/back.png - CLEAN
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Watchlist.gadget » ZIP » images/buttonDown_On.png - CLEAN
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Watchlist.gadget » ZIP » images/buttonUp_On.png - CLEAN
Watchlist.gadget » ZIP » images/close.png - CLEAN
Watchlist.gadget » ZIP » images/closeDown.png - CLEAN
Watchlist.gadget » ZIP » images/closeOver.png - CLEAN
Watchlist.gadget » ZIP » images/ebayLogo.gif - CLEAN
Watchlist.gadget » ZIP » images/end.png - CLEAN
Watchlist.gadget » ZIP » images/endOver.png - CLEAN
Watchlist.gadget » ZIP » images/icon.png - CLEAN
Watchlist.gadget » ZIP » images/infoBackground.png - CLEAN
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Watchlist.gadget » ZIP » include/details.js - CLEAN
Watchlist.gadget » ZIP » include/events.js - CLEAN
Watchlist.gadget » ZIP » include/main.css - CLEAN
Watchlist.gadget » ZIP » include/main.js - CLEAN
Watchlist.gadget » ZIP » include/update.css - CLEAN
Watchlist.gadget » ZIP » include/update.js - CLEAN
Watchlist.gadget » ZIP » include/WLWatchList.js - CLEAN
Watchlist.gadget » ZIP » gadget.xml - CLEAN
Watchlist.gadget » ZIP » main.html - CLEAN
Watchlist.gadget » ZIP » de/data/detailsTemp.html - CLEAN
Watchlist.gadget » ZIP » de/data/libeay32.dll - CLEAN
Watchlist.gadget » ZIP » de/data/ssleay32.dll - CLEAN
Watchlist.gadget » ZIP » de/data/WLDat.dat - CLEAN
Watchlist.gadget » ZIP » de/data/WLGadgetProject.ocx - CLEAN
Watchlist.gadget » ZIP » de/gadget.xml - CLEAN
Watchlist.gadget » ZIP » de/images/bid.png - CLEAN
Watchlist.gadget » ZIP » de/images/bidDown.png - CLEAN
Watchlist.gadget » ZIP » de/images/bidOver.png - CLEAN
Watchlist.gadget » ZIP » de/images/buy.png - CLEAN
Watchlist.gadget » ZIP » de/images/buyDown.png - CLEAN
Watchlist.gadget » ZIP » de/images/buyOver.png - CLEAN
Watchlist.gadget » ZIP » de/images/laden.gif - CLEAN
Watchlist.gadget » ZIP » de/include/local.js - CLEAN
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Watchlist permissions

See "transfer" clause in end user license agreement.

End user agreement for Watchlist

Licence agreement for end users - Pricepirates

1. User information
Please read this licence agreement carefully.
If you use this software either in whole or in part,
you accept all the terms and conditions of this
agreement. The "Pricepirates" software is intended
to give the user a high degree of market transparency
relating to product prices. The "Pricepirates" software
is freeware.

2. Software licence
If you agree to the terms and conditions of this
licence agreement for end users (hereinafter referred
to as "agreement"), Buyertools Ltd. grants you a
non-exclusive licence for the use of the software for
the purposes described in the documentation. Products
from third parties that are included within the software
can also be subject to other terms and conditions of
business. Typically you can find information on such
matters in the "readme" file on the corresponding product.

2.1. General use
You many install and use copies of the software on your
computer. You are authorised to make a backup copy.

2.2. Transfer
You may not rent, lease, lend or sub-licence the software
in whole or in part. Otherwise you may distribute the
software freely. All copies that you make a part of the
present agreement must contain the same copyright and
ownership information as the original software. It is
not permitted to implement the program or parts of the
program in other software solutions.

3. Intellectual property and commercial copyrights
3.1 Title
The software and all copies of this software that you
are authorised to use through this licence are the
intellectual property of Buyertools Ltd.. The structure,
organisation and code of the software represent valuable
commercial secrets and confidential information of
Buyertools Ltd.. The software is protected under copyright
law. The software may be used exclusively as part of the
stipulations of section 2 ("Software licence"). All copies
that you make within the present agreement must include
the same copyright and property information as the
original software.

3.2 Reverse engineering
If no explicit approval to the contrary has been give by
Buyertools Ltd., you undertake neither to change nor to
translate or modify the software. You likewise undertake
not to decompile, disassemble or reverse engineer or to
attempt in any other way to determine or change the source
code of the software.

3.3 Brands
The use of brands is done according to the legal requirements.
This covers also the designation of the names of the brand
owners. Brands may only be used in order to label the finished
printout with the software. Any use of this type does not give
you any rights of ownership to the brand.

"Buyertools" and "Pricepirates" are registered trademarks.

3.4 Reservation
Apart from the configurations contained within it, this agreement
gives you no intellectual property rights or commercial copyright
regarding the software and Buyertools Ltd. reserves all
rights not explicitly granted here.

4. Support
There is no telephone support. Help is provided exclusively
via the (forum + help pages) homepage and
via e-mail.

5. Exclusion of warranty
The software is made available to you on an "as seen" basis,
and Buyertools Ltd. excludes any warranty regarding your use of
the software and its performance. Buyertools Ltd. assumes no
liability whatsoever for the performance of the software or for
the desired working results when using the software.

In addition, Buyertools Ltd. undertakes no liability to the
effect that the products in question can be obtained from the
relevant vendors at the displayed or negotiated prices.

Buyertools Ltd. grants no guarantees, assurances, stipulations
or conditions regarding market suitability, freedom from legal
faults, integration or usability for specific purposes unless
such guarantees, assurances, stipulations or conditions are
legally prescribed and cannot be restricted.

6. Limitation of liability
Buyertools Ltd. undertakes no liability for damage, claims or
costs of any type or for consequential damage, direct or
indirect damage or for claims or claims for damage arising from
lost profits or other losses. This does not apply in the case
of wilful intent. In the event of a mild infringement of the
contractual obligations, the liability of Buyertools Ltd. is
restricted and this only to damage that could have been
envisaged at the time of conclusion of the agreement.

This restriction on liability does not exclude damage arising
from risks to life or limb or health.

7. General stipulations
If any individual stipulations of this agreement are unworkable
or prove to be so, then this shall not affect the validity of
the other stipulations in this agreement.

This is the complete agreement between you and Buyertools Ltd.
regarding software. It replaces all previous statements,
discussions, assertions, communications or advertising regarding

The parties to this agreement agree that it shall be based on
German law.

If the end user is a juridical person, a public special fund
or a businessman for whom the contract is part of the operation
of his commercial business, the parties to this agreement agree
that all disputes arising directly or indirectly from this
contractual relationship shall be handled exclusively at the
court of law in Hamburg, which is also the place of fulfilment.

If you have any questions relating to this agreement or would
like to have information from Buyertools Ltd., then please
contact Buyertools Ltd.

Registered address:

9 Moore Close
United Kingdom

P: +44 (0)20 7193 0815
F: +44 (0)870 330 5936