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Caramel On-line 0.5

Caramel On-line: a new KUSO on-line game.



Caramel On-line 0.5 facilities

6F., No.23-1, Lane 252, Sec. 1,
106 Taipei City
China (People's Rep)
Vendor`s Web
OSWindows 2000, Windows XP
LimitationsInstall and Uninstall
Actualizedmore than year ago
LocalizedEnglish, Chinese, ChineseSimplified, ChineseTraditional, Japanese
SnapshotCaramel On-line snapshot
Snapshot of Caramel On-line

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Caramel On-line manufacturer description

Once upon a time, a caramel factory that combined thunder and rap created the mutant with KUSO DNA - Caramen. Caramen are gifted with unique traits, KUSO (Kyarameru Uhauha Sugoi Omoshiroi)! Actually, Caramen earn money by chatting online and picking up trash in Caramel town. Some conscientious Caramen even become millionaires by playing Caramel finger-guessing game.

In Caramel On-line, having fun, making friends, decorating your rooms are the goals! You don't have to kill monsters anymore! Come and join us now!
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Free download Caramel On-line 0.5
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Caramel On-line video tutorials

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Caramel On-line categories

on-line, finger-guessing, game

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Setup.exe > INNO > file0196.bin - CLEAN
Setup.exe > INNO > file0197.bin - CLEAN
Setup.exe > INNO > file0198.bin - CLEAN
Setup.exe > INNO > file0199.bin - CLEAN
Setup.exe > INNO > file0200.bin - CLEAN
Setup.exe > INNO > file0201.bin - CLEAN
Setup.exe > INNO > file0202.bin - CLEAN
Setup.exe > INNO > file0203.bin - CLEAN
Setup.exe > INNO > file0204.bin - CLEAN
Setup.exe > INNO > file0205.bin - CLEAN
Setup.exe > INNO > file0206.bin - CLEAN
Setup.exe > INNO > file0207.bin - CLEAN
Setup.exe > INNO > file0208.bin - CLEAN
Setup.exe > INNO > file0209.bin - CLEAN
Setup.exe > INNO > file0210.bin - CLEAN
Setup.exe > INNO > file0211.bin - CLEAN
Setup.exe > INNO > file0212.bin - CLEAN
Setup.exe > INNO > file0213.bin - CLEAN
Setup.exe > INNO > file0214.bin - CLEAN
Setup.exe > INNO > file0215.bin - CLEAN
Setup.exe > INNO > file0216.bin - CLEAN
Setup.exe > INNO > file0217.bin - CLEAN
Setup.exe > INNO > file0218.bin - CLEAN
Setup.exe > INNO > file0219.bin - CLEAN
Setup.exe > INNO > file0220.bin - CLEAN
Setup.exe > INNO > file0221.bin - CLEAN
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Caramel On-line permissions

Rules of Invitation
It's our pleasure to invite your friend to visit your diaries. Below are some basic rules to obey.
1.Please do not cross post or send SPAM mails.
2.Please do not post illegal or inappropriate websites or blogs.
3.Please do not use hacker program to harm others' privacy.

If you disobey above rules, we have righst to stop or delete your account.
Thanks for your cooperation.

End user agreement for Caramel On-line

Welcome to register as a member of Caramel On-Line!
After registeration, you may start using the service of Caramel Online. Below aggrements are what you should understand, please read it before registeration.
•If you had any question or suggestion, please e-mail to:

Caramel On-Line Members policy
Confirm the policy
【Caramel On-Line Friends webliste】(We)All rights reserved by GOQOO(us). The aim of the policy is to protect both members and us. Also, the policy is the contract between members and us. As soon as you finished the registeration or started using the service of Caramel online, that means you totally understand and agree all policies. Meanwhile, you are willing to obey all policies and related rules.

Members rules
As members started using the service, that means he/she accepts and agrees rules for members and promises to obey all rules of Taiwan and international rules. If you used here to connect to sites out of Taiwan, You should obey local rules. All members should obey rules. Please see related rules of Taiwan.

Addition, change and end of the policy
We have rights to revise the policy. The changed policy will be announced on the homepage, but we won't notice each member. If you disagree to this, please stop using our service. If you keep using our service, that means you totally agree and obey the policy.

Change and end of service
We have rights to stop and change any service, or any member's account without notice in advance. We don't have to preside on stopping or changing members' account and service.
※We provide service and information for memebers, but we don't preside for delay sending and other situations. We have limited spaces for members and we have rights to arrange the limitation.

※We have rights to stop service in below situation.
(1)When we repair our system.
(2)When our equipment breaks down.
(3)Unknown reason stops our service.
(4)Because of beyond human control reason.
※We might be unconnected because of any reason caused by company or cooperators. We don't preside on these situaions.

Member data
※Members have to supply real and complete data when register. The data must be true and update. If any member use others' data, he must be responsible for all by himself.
※If any member supply incorrect of fake data, we have rights to stop his service.
※If a member's data disobey our ideas, we have rights to stop his service.

Member ID and password
※Members have to protect his own passwords, and log out completely. Members have to preside for all actions of his own ID. To protect members' rights, please do not let others know or borrow your ID and password. We don't preside on faking users' actions.
※If you found any strange situaion, please contacn us as soon as possible. If you didn't contact us soon, you might have to preside yourself.

※We'll protect all your data, including ID, password, emails and so on. We won't delete or revise without your aggrement except you disobey rules.
※Once members strat to use our service, that means they aggree and obey all rules.
※We might view members data or provide to some department as above situation:
(1) According to government's policy
(2) To do this policy or users disobey policy
(3) To protect service security
(4) To protect members' rights
(5) To maintaini service working

Members' obligation and duty
※This is a public website. Each member should be responsible for his words and actions. Also, members should obey international laws.
※If members do illegal things, they should be responsible for themselves. We have rights to save everything and require members return and pay damages on us.
※Members cannot use our net to do illegal things. Any commercial action before asked is illegal.
※Members cannot use this webite to download, upload or save any illegal action.
※Members cannot use this website to do any damage to others.
※Members cannot use this website to do anything that may interrupt or break computer system.
※You cannot collect others' email address and other data without others' aggrement.
※The rights of members cannot be transfered or sold to others. If we found that, we have rights to cancel that member's rights and limited that member not to use our service forever. Moreover, we will sue him.

Intellectual property
※We have rights to save all data and setting on this website. We have copyrights reserved. No one can copy, deliver, sned, rent, or modify without comunication.
※All data on this webstie belongs to us. Without our authorization, no one can copy, reverse engineerin, de-compile or disassemble any function of program. We only provide service for log in members. If anyone get into our web within other ways, we'll recovery of loss.

Limitation of responsibility
※We supply Internet service, but electronic equipment and related fee.
※Our service is used only for members. For each member's unique requirement, we cannot gurqntee speed, security and accuracy.
※We can't gurantee all data, message or file deliverd correctly. Members should be responsible for their data and save them.
※ We cannot be responsible for service.

All links on our website may connect to other websites of personal, company, or organization. We cannot gurantee for products, service or data of those websites.

※If there are still something that we don't mention, everything will be according to the law of Taiwan.
※If members get confusion with us, the first court house.