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V-REP 3.1.2

Robot simulator with integrated development environment.



V-REP 3.1.2 facilities

Vendor`s Webhttp://www.v-rep.eu
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OSWindows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
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Actualizedmore than year ago
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V-REP 3.1.2 - the Virtual Robot Experimentation Platform - is a 3D robot simulator, with integrated development environment, based on a distributed control architecture: control programs (or scripts) can be directly attached to scene objects and run simultaneously in a threaded or non-threaded fashion. This makes V-REP Hobbies & crafts very versatile and ideal for multi-robot applications, and allows users to model robotic systems in a similar fashion as in reality - where control is most of the time also distributed.

V-REP allows you to edit and simulate whole robotic systems, or sub-systems (e.g. sensors, mechanisms, etc.). It offers a multitude of functionalities that can be easily integrated and combined through an exhaustive API and script functionality.

V-REP is used for remote monitoring, hardware control, fast prototyping and verification, fast algorithm development / parameter adjustment, safety double-checking, robotics-related education, factory automation simulations, etc.
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What is new in 3.1.2 changeinfo log

- Added a new remote API function: simxPauseCommunication. This allows to set several value on the server side (i.e. V-REP) at the exact same time. - Added a new type of object: mirrors. They can act as regular mirrors, or they can operate as auxiliary clipping planes. - Added a new ROS service, and ROS subscriber type: simRosSetJointState and simros_strmcmd_set_joint_state. They allow to set several joints' states at the same time. - Added following ROS publisher/subscriber types (courtesy of Cedric Pradalier): simros_strmcmd_get_range_finder_data, simros_strmcmd_get_transform, simros_strmcmd_get_twist_status, simros_strmcmd_get_vision_sensor_info, and simros_strmcmd_set_twist_command. - Converted the v_repExtMtb plugin to a Qt project. Source files are located in the /programming directory. Refer to the section on plugins for details how to compile this plugin. The plugin binary is in the main directory. - Converted the v_repExtSimpleFilter plugin to a Qt project. Source files are located in the /programming directory. Refer to the section on plugins for details how to compile this plugin. The plugin binary is in the main directory. - Converted the mtbServer application to a cross-platform project. Source files are located in the /programming directory. The executable binary is in the main directory. - Added source code in /programming/matrixCalc that allows handling transformation calculations inside an external application (code can be embedded into your application). Refer to the matrix calculation documentation. - Added source code in /programming/externalIk that allows handling complex kinematic calculations inside an external application (code can be embedded into your application). Refer to the external kinematics documentation. - Added a project that demonstrates the external kinematics functionality: externalIkDemo. The source code is located in the /programming directory. The executable binary is in the main directory. - Added a new demo scene: "externalIkDemo.ttt". It demonstrates the external kinematics functionality. - An external editor for V-REP's embedded scripts can now be used. Refer to the user settings. - Additional texture mapping methods have been implemented: cylinder-, sphere-, or box-mapping. Refer to the texture dialog for details. - The linux version of V-REP comes now in 32 or 64 bit. - Added 2 new functions to handle object/joint motion from a threaded script: simRMLMoveToPosition and simRMLMoveToJointPositions Since V2.6.6 (August 20th 2012): - The ROS plugin is now fully operational and offers 100 services, 30 publisher types and 25 subscriber types. The plugin is fully open source and can easily be adapted to various projects if needed. - Integrated the Reflexxes Motion Library type IV via a plugin. Following new functions can now be called from C/C++, Lua, the remote API, and from a ROS node: simRMLPosition and simRMLVelocity. Have a look at the related demo scene: "reflexxesMotionLibraryType4Demo.ttt" - Added 4 new API functions: simGetObjectQuaternion, simSetObjectQuaternion, simBuildMatrixQ and simGetQuaternionFromMatrix (internally V-REP used quaternions since always, but only Euler angles could be accessed) - Added an option to colorize items in the scene hierarchy, for quicker identification - Simplified the way the remote API function simxGetUIEventButton operates - New scene: "reflexxesMotionLibraryType4Demo.ttt" - New model: "kinect - closest point calculation.ttm" - Added new graph data streams: Joint velocity, object velocity, object velocity x, object velocity y, object velocity y, and object rotation velocity. - Added a new tutorial: ROS tutorial. Since V2.6.5 (July 7th 2012): - Renamed following remote API functions/constants to avoid confusion: simxGetInMessageInfo, simxGetOutMessageInfo, simx_headeroffset_message_id. - Added a user manual section about how to extend the remote API - Fixed a few bugs related to the Linux/Mac version of the remote API - Added a new toolbar button to handle object assembling/disassembling. The way two objects assemble via this toolbar button can be adjusted in the object common properties dialog (Assembling button) - Added a Python binding for the Remote API - Added a Java binding for the Remote API - Added a Matlab binding for the Remote API - Added a Urbi binding for the Remote API - Added a first interface to ROS. This version is temporary and will be updated in next release Since V2.6.4 (May 23rd 2012): - A new powerful mechanism was developed to allow easy access to V-REP API functions from external applications (e.g. robots): the remote API. Now V-REP supports 4 different programming approaches - simSerialPortOpen, simSerialPortClose, simSerialPortSend and simSerialPortRead are declared deprecated. They are replaced by simSerialOpen, simSerialClose, simSerialSend, simSerialRead and simSerialCheck. - The serial port functionality is now also operational on the Mac and Linux platforms - Fixed a bug where icons would not appear on systems with an old or non-accelerated graphic card - Added a new integer parameter: sim_intparam_scene_unique_id - Added a new event callback message: sim_message_eventcallback_mainscriptabouttobecalled Since V2.6.3 (April 10th 2012): - First release that is also available on the Linux platform (Ubuntu is preferred). The Mac and Linux versions are however still flagged as early beta releases - Added a new status bar - Reworked the coordinates and transformation dialog, as well as the method of moving object/items - Modified the way objects/items get selected when no key combination is used: objects get selected at mouse button release if the mouse didn't move. This makes it more convenient to navigate with the camera without always losing the object selection state - Added a checker background in the custom user interface edit mode - Added a new video compression library, based on the FFmpeg library - The player version of V-REP has now been enabled to display the user settings dialog, and the layer selection dialog. Scripts can now also be edited from within the player version of V-REP Since V2.6.2 (March 18th 2012): - Since this release, the concept of "simulator instances" has been abandonned for the concept of "scenes". Functionality basically stays same, but now matches the standard approach. An unlimited number of scenes can now be opened, also in the player version of V-REP - Tree elements in the scene hierarchy can now be drag-and-dropped onto other objects for convenient parent-child relationship building (similar to [Menu bar --> Edit --> Make last selected object parent] or [Menu bar --> Edit --> Make last selected object(s) orphan]) - All scene hierarchy icons have been redesigned - All toolbar buttons have been redesigned - The scene hierarchy now also visualizes all opened scenes, and switching between scenes is achieved with a simple click - A new page selector was implemented, allowing to quickly visualize and select from all available pages of a given scene - A new scene selector was implemented, allowing to quickly visualize and select from all available opened scenes - The model browser has been reworked and now uses 24-bit colors for displaying model thumbnails - Custom user interfaces can now be saved and loaded separately, in a similar way as models are loaded /saved - Added 3 new API functions: simCloseScene, simLoadUI and simSaveUI Since V2.6.1 (February 28th 2012): - First release that is also available on the Mac platform. The Mac release is however still a Beta release where several items are not yet fully supported. - Added an auto-save functionality. It can be turned on/off in the user settings dialog. - Fixed a bug in which V-REP would crash after an undo-operation in certain conditions. - Color-coded objects in the dynamic content visualization mode - Added a parameter to the user settings file (system/usrset.txt) that allows to adjust the GUI font size: guiFontSize_Win - Added a new integer parameter to detect the platform V-REP is running on: sim_intparam_platform - New model: "spring-damper.ttm" - New model: "motorbike.ttm"

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