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Vimperator 1.2

Vimperator Firefox:3.0–3.1a2pre add-on



Vimperator 1.2 facilities

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OSWindows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS, Linux
Limitationsnot specified
Actualizedmore than year ago
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Vimperator manufacturer description

Vimperator 1.2 is a free browser add-on for Firefox, which makes it look and behave like the Vim text editor. It has similar key bindings, and you could call it a modal web browser, as key bindings differ according to which mode you are in.

Warning: To provide the most authentic Vim experience, Vimperator Other hides the Firefox menubar and toolbar by default. Most users find them unnecessary once they're used to Vimperator, but if you really need them, type: :set guioptions+=mT to get them back.
If you don't like Vimperator download at all, you can uninstall it by typing :addons and removing/disabling it.
If you like it, but can't remember the shortcuts, press F1 or :help.

Vimperator was initially written by Martin Stubenschrott but has found many other contributors in the meanwhile. If you appreciate the work on Vimperator and want to encourage us working on it more, you can send us greetings, patches, or donations by going to

=== Features ===

* Vim-like keybindings (h, j, k, l, gg, G, 0, $, ZZ, , etc.)
* Ex commands (:quit, :open, ...)
* Tab completion available for all commands with support for 'longest' matching when set in 'wildmode'
* Extensions! Yes, you can extend Vimperator's functionality with scripts just like you can extend Firefox with extensions.
* Explore JavaScript objects with :echo window and even context-sensitive tab completion.
* Hit-a-hint like navigation of links (start with f to follow a link)
* Advanced completion of bookmark and history URLs (searching also in title, not only URL)
* Vim-like statusline with a wget-like progress bar
* Minimal GUI (easily hide useless menubar and toolbar with :set guioptions=)
* Ability to :source JavaScript files, and to use a ~/.vimperatorrc file
* Easy quick searches (:open foo will search for "foo" in google, :open ebay terminator will search for "terminator" on ebay) with support for Firefox keyword bookmarks and search engines
* Count supported for many commands (3 will go back 3 pages)
* Beep on errors
* Marks support (ma to set mark 'a' on a webpage, 'a to go there)
* QuickMarks support (quickly go to previously marked web pages with go{a-zA-Z0-9})
* :map and :command support (and feedkeys() for script writers)
* :time support for profiling
* Move the text cursor and select text with vim keys and a visual mode.
* External editor support
* Macros to replay key strokes
* AutoCommands to execute action on certain events
* A comprehensive :help, explaining all commands, mappings and options.
* Much more...
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Free download Vimperator 1.2
Free softwareFREE SOFTWARE

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Vimperator video tutorials

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What is new in 1.2 changeinfo log

* version 1.2
* IMPORTANT: changed :command to behave like Vim's version.
Eg. An alert command specified previously as
:command AlertMe alert(args)
should now be defined as
:command AlertMe :js alert()
* IMPORTANT: changed (again) the default keybinding to temporarily disable all
Vimperator keybindings from ctrl-q to ctrl-z since many users complained
about hitting ctrl-q twice and exiting vimperator
* IMPORTANT: removed old :buffers! buffer window, as it was ugly and slightly broken
use "B" or :buffers instead
* IMPORTANT: input fields are not blured anymore by default after a page has loaded
use :set [no]focuscontent to control the behavior (thanks Paul Sobey for the
generous donation which made this behavior possible)
* IMPORTANT: ctrl-x/a never take possible negative URLs into account, it was just
too unpredictable
* performance fix by using cached history, should save about 5ms on each pageload
* add :emenu for accessing the Firefox main menu items from the command line
* add 'shell' and 'shellcmdflag' options
* :tabprevious, :bprevious, :tabnext, :bnext and friends now accept a prefix count
* add :comclear and :delcommand
* add a special version to :hardcopy to skip the Print dialog
* add :bl[ast], :bf[irst], :br[ewind] to go to first/last tab
* add :bn[ext], :bp[revious], :bN[ext] to switch to next/previous tab
* add :pagestyle command to allow for switching between alternate style sheets
* add :b# to select the alternate buffer
* add :tabduplicate command
* new 'urlseparator' option for specifying the regexp used to split the arg to
:open, :tabopen and :winopen
* :set editor now accepts quoting/escaping to use an editor with spaces in the path
* support for :%foo as a count for commands (not yet widely used)
* show informative message when a background tab was loaded, especially useful
with a hidden tab bar.
* new "l" flag for 'complete' to reuse the Firefox awesome bar for getting better
completions for :open. Works only when 'wildoptions' contains "auto" and can
be a little buggy if you are typing too fast.
* new wildoptions=auto option (default off for now), to automatically list
completions without the need to press the tab key
* new argument parser for ex commands, should tell better error messages when
you do things like :bmark -tag=a,b instead of :bmark -tags=a,b
* some option values can be tab-completed now; e.g., :set wim=
* :bdelete accepts an optional argument now
* renamed some :autocmd, mainly BrowserStartup -> Startup and BrowserExit -> Quit
* don't pass certain keys like ctrl-o or ctrl-n to firefox in insert mode
* keywords in :open have higher priority than local files now
* add :set online to control the "work offline" menu item
* add :jumps command to list current tab's history
* add :setlocal & :setglobal commands, so options can be local (per tab) & global
* many small bug fixes

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