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full infected popup The Popup Blocker Wizard 2.1

Popup Blocker and Stopper


OSWindows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP
LimitationsInstall and Uninstall
Added/UpdatedFeb 6, 2009 / Feb 26, 2009
LicenseFree to try
SnapshotThe Popup Blocker Wizard snapshot

The Popup Blocker Wizard approx. description

... The Popup Blocker Stopper Wizard blocks Popup internet explorer browsers ... Automatically click Buttons and or Links that can be specified by the you - By: Popup Stopper - Vsisoftware ... [ see more ]

The Popup Blocker Wizard categories

popup, blocker, stopper, ups, internet, explorer, vsisystems, szamody

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Free download The Popup Blocker Wizard 2.1

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