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Neural Network Trading and Investing Tool


OSWindows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP
LimitationsInstall and Uninstall
Added/UpdatedFeb 6, 2009 / Feb 26, 2009
LicenseFree to try
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... TradingSolutions' user-friendly interface allows you to perform complex financial forecasting without leaving you lost in the technology. Simple wizards guide you step-by-step through each task, while optional advanced panels give you the flexibility to adjust parameters behind the scenes. Included is a free Solution Service, which includes 10 neural network models and the end-of-day stock data for those models so that you can obtain the daily trading signals and track the performance in real time. This powerful trading tool allows you to 1) Download data directly from the Internet or import from a variety of other sources, 2) Get up and running fast with animated demonstrations and step-by-step tutorials, 3) Perform calculations on a single security or multiple securities at once, 4) Model optimal actions and predict future prices with exclusive time-based neural networks, 5) Implement your own functions, systems, and complete trading solutions, 6) Evaluate trading models for profit potential using historical backtesting, 7) Optimize your models for maximum profit. ... [ see more ]

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neural, network, trading, technical, analysis, trade, investment, stocks, online, futures, options, commodities, genetic, algorithm, artificial, intelligence, intelligent

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