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full matlab Wavosaur free audio editor

Wavosaur is a free audio editor and VST host


OSWindows 98, Windows XP, Windows Vista
LimitationsInstall and Uninstall
Added/UpdatedFeb 7, 2009 / Dec 2, 2013
LanguageEnglish, French
SnapshotWavosaur free audio editor snapshot

Wavosaur free audio editor approx. description

... You can also edit and save loop points and markers, generate sounds (simple synthesis) and batch process your audio files.
Wavosaur has also a VST plugin effect rack, where you can set up a chain of VST effects to use in real time on your audio. This means unlimited set of effects due to the VST compatibility, and the large number of VST effects (including high quality freeware ones).

- Multiple document interface to work with many files in one session
- ASIO driver, audio routing, multichannel wav support
- import wav, mp3, aif aiff, Amiga 8svx, vox, AKAI S1000 & raw binary files
- export wav, MP3, export multiple wav from regions, export as text (for using in Matlab, PSpice, Excel ), support for LAME encoder
- record, play, pause, rewind & fast forward
- cut, copy, paste, insert, replace, mix, trim/crop, fast zoom, accurate waveform representation
- normalize, mute, insert silence, remove DC offset, vocal remove, reverse, resample, bit depth convert, auto-trim, silence remover, remove silence, change volume, channel convert (stereo->mono , mono->stereo), undo
- virtual rack for VST plugins effects, real-time processing, VST chaining, displays multiple VST graphic interfaces
- audio analysis : 2D & 3D spectrum, statistics & sonogram, real time oscilloscope & sonogram
- batch processing
- controlable with an external MIDI control surface
- create & edit loop points & markers to use your files in your favorites samplers : loop points & markers informations are recognized and can be edited/added and saved. ... [ see more ]

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free download Wavosaur free audio editor DOWNLOAD

Free download Wavosaur free audio editor

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