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Open WebMail 2.53

Manage very large mail folder files in a memory efficient way



Open WebMail 2.53 facilities

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OSWindows XP, Windows Vista, Linux
Limitationsnot specified
Actualizedmore than year ago
LicenseOpen source
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Open WebMail manufacturer description

Open WebMail 2.53 is a webmail system based on the Neomail version 1.14 from Ernie Miller. Open WebMail Email client is designed to manage very large mail folder files in a memory efficient way. It also provides a range of features to help users migrate smoothly from Microsoft Outlook to Open WebMail. OPENWEBMAIL FEATURES OpenWebMail has been in development since 2001, and has accumlated a large number of very useful features. In-depth descriptions of the various features are available in the sections below. Feature Index Features for Users | Features for Systems | Supported Languages | Holiday Definitions | Authentication Modules | Icon Sets FEATURES FOR USERS Complete Addressbook The addressbook was improved on 10/30/2004, and is now completely compliant with the vCard contact technology standard. This brings OpenWebMail up to date with current contact exchange technology and allows the sharing of addressbook information with users of many other popular information systems such as Evolution, Outlook, and others. Calendar with Reminder/Notification Support Users can keep track of their appointments, meetings, birthdays, whatever, with the build-in calendar in OpenWebMail. This calendar provides several views, including year view, month view, week view and day view, so the user can browse their scheduled events very easily. There is also reminder support for scheduled events. The user can specify the days that the reminder should look ahead. For convenience, the first 5 upcoming events are displayed at the top of mail folder view during normal webmail use. If the user wants the event reminder to be available outside the webmail system, he can also specify a notification email address such as a mobile phone or other mobile device. Webdisk Support The webdisk module provides a web interface for the user access his home directory as a virtual disk on the web. It is also designed to easily store mail attachments, allowing the user to freely copy attachments between mail messages and the webdisk. The top directory of the virtual disk is mapped to the user`s home directory, and any item displayed in the virtual disk is actually located under the users home directory. The webdisk supports basic common file operations, eg: mkdir, rmdir, copy, move, rm, chmod, file upload and download. To facilitate the easy download of multiple files or directories, the webdisk compresses the files into a zip stream on-the-fly during transmission. It also handles many types of archives, including zip, arj, rar, tar.gz,, tar.bz2, tgz, tbz, gz, Z, and arc. The user can compress, decompress, or list the contents of archives on the server without downloading them to his local computer. Mail Filter Support Multiple filter rules can be set to move or copy incoming mails to different folders automatically or even delete them directly. The user can categorize mails from a specific person or spammer, and identify mails containing viruses very easily by defining rules of sender, receiver, SMTP relay, subject, body or filename of attachments. In addition to the static filter rules, openwebmail has build-in five smart filters: repeatness filter, bad format from filter, faked smtp filter, faked from filter and faked exe contenttype filter. Repeatness filter, bad format from filter and faked SMTP filter are useful in filtering messages from spammers that frequently exhibit these detectable characteristics. The faked from filter and faked exe contenttype filter are useful in filtering messages that may contain viruses. Since mail filtering is activated only in OpenWebMail, messages will stay in the INBOX until the user reads their mail with OpenWebMail. Other utilities to check mail status may report new mail incorrectly, since they are not aware of the OpenWebMail filters. A command tool `` is provided for use as a mail status checking replacement. The utility performs mail filtering before reporting mail status. AntiSpam Support through SpamAssassin OpenWebMail can use the popular anti-spam SpamAssassin software to scan messages fetched from pop3 servers, or optionally all incoming messages. The SpamAssassin software will determine a spamlevel for each scanned message based on its content and assign the message a spamlevel number. The user can define a spamlevel threshold for all his messages in OpenWebMail. Any message with a spamlevel more than this threshold will be moved from the INBOX to the SPAM folder automatically. OpenWebMail also supports Spam/NotSpam bayesian learning technology through the sa-learn program in SpamAssassin. In case the spamlevel determined by SpamAssassin is not appropriate, the user can train the system by telling it to learn the messages as Spam or NotSpam. AntiVirus Support through ClamAV OpenWebMail can use the popular anit-virus ClamAV software as the external viruscheck module to scan messages fetched from pop3 servers, or optionally all incoming messages. If a message or its attachments are found to have a virus, OpenWebMail will move the message from the INBOX to the VIRUS folder automatically. Spelling Check Support The spelling check in OpenWebMail is very user-friendly and powerful: It makes suggestions for misspelled words, and the user can correct the errors very easily by selecting one of the suggestions from a drop-down menu. POP3 Support Multiple POP3 accounts can be defined, allowing a single user to fetch mails from a number of mail servers. All messages fetched will be stored in the INBOX folder. Should the fetch operation exceed 10 seconds (due to a slow link or large message for example), the operation will be put into background to avoid an http timeout. Auto Login Each user can determinte if he want to enable the auto login feature in OpenWebMail. When enabled, the user doesn`t have to type his username and password every time to login to OpenWebMail. OpenWebMail will do this automatically for him. However, for security reasons, the auto login feature will be actived only if user doesn`t log out in the previous session and the previous session has not timed out. Further more, the system administrator can limit the range of IPs that are allowed to use the auto login feature. Multiple Languages/Multiple Charsets OpenWebMail is currently available for more than 30 languages, and it is quite easy to add new languages to OpenWebMail if yours is still not supported. For languages with more than one charset, OpenWebMail will choose one as the default charset for the language. If a message is written with a charset other than the default, it will be converted to the default charset automatically. Strong MIME Message Capability OpenWebMail has very strong support for MIME messages. While most webmail packages present MIME messages poorly compared to traditional POP clients, OpenWebmail presents MIME messages in an attractive format comparable to that presented by Microsoft Outlook. Either inline or uuencoded attachments are supported. In addition to the presention, OpenWebMail also allow users to compose complex HTML messages with inline attachments or external attachments. The friendly WYSIWYG editor HTMLArea 3.0 has been built into OpenWebMail so that users can write HTML messages conformtably and easily without any knowledge of HTML tags. This HTML editor can be used on IE5.5+ for Windows or Mozilla1.3+ for all platforms. Full Content Search Full content search with regular expression support is provided. When a user enters a keyword in the search box, the scope of the mail folder is limited to the keyword related messages. This means the user can use the sort or static functions on the search result. The scope limit is released when the user selects another folder or refreshes the current folder. Draft Folder Support This feature enables the user to write a message in a number of stages, even over several days. The user can save an unfinished message into the draft folder and continue editing at any time. Confirm Reading Support The user can request a `confirm-reading receipt` for each message sent. When the message is read by the recipient, a receipt will be sent back to this user. HTTP Compression OpenWebMail supports compression of HTML content over HTTP. With compression turned on, the average page size is reduced by over 80%. This feature effectively reduces the use of nework bandwidth between the client computer and the webmail server and is very useful for users with a slow connection to the webmail server, such as dialup or mobile device users.
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