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OSWindows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS, Linux
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Network is used to reconstruct phylogenetic networks and trees, infer ancestral types and
potential types, evolutionary branchings and variants, and to estimate datings.
The algorithms are designed for non-recombining bio-molecules. Successful applications
include mtDNA, Y-STR, amino acid, RNA, virus DNA, bacterium DNA, some effectively
non-recombining autosomal DNA, and non-biomolecule data such as linguistic data. By
contrast, recombining bio-molecules will deliver high-dimensional networks which will be
difficult to interpret. Work flow including data preparation and interpretation of results is
described in detail in the next chapters. The Network Genealogy software was developed to reconstruct all possible shortest least complex
phylogenetic trees (all maximum parsimony or MP trees) from a given data set. Two different
network-building options are included which can be used independently of each other.
The reduced median or RM network algorithm RM requires binary data (example: at
nucleotide position 16092 each taxon must have either T or C). To allow interpretation of
complex data, a reduction parameter is available. If the reduction threshold r is set to a
sufficiently high number, RM will yield a full median Network download containing all MP trees.
The median-joining or MJ network algorithm allows multi-state data (example: at nucleotide
position 16092 there can be A, C, G, T, and ambiguities such as N). For larger data sizes, the
parameter epsilon can be set low to calculate sparse networks quickly, or incrementally
increased to calculate higher-resolution networks at the cost of longer run times and increased
network complexity. If epsilon is set to a sufficiently high number, MJ will yield a full
median network (software and memory limits permitting). Optionally, MJ allows external
rooting of the network using an outgroup.
We recommend MJ for general use as first choice. If verification of the MJ results is an issue,
we recommend that RM is then also run on suitably prepared data (nucleotide FASTA data
are easily prepared with the DNA Alignment software).
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Network categories

outgroup rooting, Fluxus Technology Ltd, median joining, network, forward simulation, reduced median

What is new in changeinfo log

1. Minor user interface updates.

Known issues in Network

1. Network does not show any warning message when failing to overwrite write-protected files, or when failing to write files into a write-protected folder. In the data editor, for these cases the wrong message "File saved. [...]" is displayed. Work-around suggestions: After saving, check the time and date of the file which you have saved. Before saving, if you are uncertain whether a folder or a file is write-protected, right-click the folder or file, select "properties", and see whether write protection is checked.

2. Time estimates: A node colouring bug remains in this release of Time estimates. The nodes are not displayed as defined in Network Publisher or Network Draw. When a pie-slice node is selected, only part of this node is highlighted.

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