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Homer Conferencing 0.25

Homer is a free cross-platform SIP softphone with video support..



Homer Conferencing 0.25 facilities

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Thomas Volkert webshot
OSWindows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS, Linux, 64-bit (x86_64)
Limitationsnot specified
Actualizedmore than year ago
LicenseOpen source
SnapshotHomer Conferencing snapshot
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Homer Conferencing manufacturer description

Homer Conferencing 0.25 (short: Homer) is a free SIP spftphone with advanced audio and video support. The software is available for Windows, Linux and OSX. Homer was originally developed as tool for video conferences. Over the years the functions were extended for additional application areas. Therefore, the basic functions can be separated into the following 4 areas: video conferencing, streaming, recording, screencasting. Technical Features General

  • Graphical user interface for Linux, Windows and OS X

  • Published under GPL2 license

  • SIP based peer-to-peer video/audio/text chat

  • SIP server based conferences with unlimited participant count

  • Streaming of local video/audio files during conferences

  • Recording of video/audio data from device/network

  • Screencasting of current desktop content

  • Multi-core oriented software using capabilities of recent cpu`s

  • Playlist formats: pls, m3u

  • Contact list format: xml


  • Conference management via SIP/SDP

  • Transmission of multimedia data based on RT(C)P, UDP/TDP/UDPLite/SCTP, IPv4/IPv6

  • Single video/audio transmissions: sending and receiving (including playback function)

  • Configurable port assignment

  • NAT traversal


  • Streaming codecs: H.261, H.263(+), H.264, MPEG 1/2/4, THEORA

  • Capturing inputs: desktop screen, cameras, video capture devices

  • File formats: asf, avi, bmp, dv, jpg, jpeg, m4v, mkv, mov, mpg, mpeg, mp4, mp4a, m2ts, png, swf, vob, wmv, 3gp

  • Video resolutions from 128*96 to 1920*1080 pixels

  • Recording formats: avi, m4v, mov, mp4, 3gp

  • Screenshot formats: bmp, jpg, pgm, png, ppm, xbm, xpm


  • Streaming codecs: G.711 alaw, G.711 ulaw, G.722 adpcm, MP3, PCM16

  • Capturing inputs: microphones, other audio capture devices

  • File formats: asf, avi, m4v, mka, mkv, mov, mp3, mp4, mpg, mpeg, m2ts, swf, vob, wav, wmv, 3gp

  • Audio bit rates from 32 kBit/s to 256 kBit/s

  • Recording formats: mp3, wav

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Homer Conferencing categories

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What is new in 0.25 changeinfo log

  • Added: support for player-only usage, user can deactivate conference functions and close all network ports
  • Added: pre-buffering of audio/video streams, support for automatic restart of buffering if the stream continues again after interrupt
  • Added: new "mosaic mode" for simultaneous playback of different audio/video streams within a compact fullscreen view
  • Added: support for synchronizing audio/video playback which are received from the same source
  • Added: support for synchronizing audio/video playback of each conference participant
  • Added: multi-language support: GUI in German language
  • Added: PTT (push-to-talk) mode, PTT button in the main window
  • Added: support for suppressing audio frames which contain only silence
  • Added: frame rate and time drift compensation for video stream from desktop capturing
  • Added: support for additional file types: *.m2t, *.ogv, *.flv, *.ogg
  • Added: preventing screensaver/sleep mode if a video is played in fullscreen
  • Added: movie controls for fullscreen video playback
  • Added: automatic desktop capturing which adapts the captured resolution if the desktop changes its settings
  • Added: automatic screen capturing which adapts the captured resolution if the screen changes its settings
  • Added: mouse visualization during desktop capturing
  • Added: new video source which outputs the Homer Conferencing logo as constant video stream
  • Added: Homer Conferencing logo as place holder if an audio-only file is played
  • Added: allow to (de)activate the video/audio transmission towards each conference participant
  • Added: reworked usage of timestamps in case of RTP based audio streaming
  • Added: extensive statistics about audio/video streams: packet loss, delay
  • Added: support for portaudio based audio capturing/playback
  • Added: support for pulseaudio based audio capturing/playback
  • Added: support for hiding the main program menu and status bar
  • Added: reworked audio resampling for streaming and recording
  • Added: support for web based audio streams (http based media sources)
  • Added: compensation of frame rate variation from unstable media sources
  • Added: support for TCP based SIP conference management
  • Added: stable audio/video frame rate in case of packet loss
  • Added: stable audio/video playback in case the RTP timestamp shows an overflow
  • Added: automatically detect if the source of an audio/video stream has changed and automatically reset the local decoder
  • Added: configuration of the outgoing audio/video bit rate
  • Added: support for RTCP sender reports
  • Added: detection and compensation of overflows in the RTP timestamps/sequence numbers overflows, allows long-term streaming
  • Added: support for wmx playlist files
  • Added: support for mms:// based urls
  • Added: support for multi-thread video recording
  • Added: support for Windows 64 bit builds of the base libraries
  • Added: various usability improvements
  • Bug-fix: multi-monitor support, use correct monitor for fullscreen video playback and its movie controls
  • Bug-fix: showing the correct file position when playing a local audio/video file
  • Bug-fix: correct loop detection when the user wants to start a new conference session
  • Bug-fix: A/V sync: audio frames which are outside allowed delay range aren't played anymore
  • Bug-fix: avoidance of crashes when no audio playback device is available
  • Bug-fix: avoidance of delay problems when using H.264 codec
  • Bug-fix: correct seeking in audio/video files
  • Bug-fix: communication with SIP servers (PBX boxes)
  • Bug-fix: avoidance of gaps during audio playback
  • Bug-fix: show correct system information in "help" dialog"
  • Bug-fix: crash when pausing playback of local video/audio file
  • Bug-fix: playback of audio files with low sampling rates, e.g., *.wav files with 16 kHz sampling rate
  • Bug-fix: 100% cpu load was caused by an endless event loop in case an unsupported (shortcut) key was pressed
  • Bug-fix: more stable detection of the video resolution in files
  • Bug-fix: setting the correct parameter for UDP-Lite check sum handling
  • Bug-fix: avoidance of several deadlocks in case an audio/video decoder is closed/reset
  • Bug-fix: avoidance of streaming of old data chunks in case the position of the local file playback was changed
  • Bug-fix: increased fragment buffers for Windows, avoidance of high packet loss on Windows systems
  • Bug-fix: support pls playlist files even if they don't include title tags
  • Bug-fix: decreased the memory consumption for 32 bit systems
  • Bug-fix: asynchronous file reading and file playback
  • Bug-fix: playback of sound during program start/stop
  • Bug-fix: NAT traversal support for OS X
  • Bug-fix: correct packet loss detection
  • Bug-fix: compatibility with ffmpeg 1.x and ffmpeg 0.10.6
  • Bug-fix: avoidance of memory leaks
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