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.NET Distributed Application Platform


OSWindows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 64-bit (x86_64)
LimitationsNone : Install and Uninstall
Added/UpdatedDec 5, 2010 / Dec 5, 2010
SnapshotUtilify Distributed Application Platform snapshot

Utilify Distributed Application Platform approx. description

... The Utilify Platform is the first ...NET-based distributed computing platform designed to scale from a single machine to a large cloud environment such as Amazon's EC2 ...
The Platform consists of the following components:
- a set of Executors - that run on cloud instances / nodes and execute application tasks
- the Manager - that also runs on the cloud and manages the network of Executors and distributes tasks to them
- the Management Dashboard - which is a tool that helps to monitor and manage the Utilify Platform
- Framework API - to help developers create distributed applications to run on the Platform

Benefits for developers:
- Simple and easy-to-use framework
- Abstracts away the hardest parts of building a distributed application (threading, synchronisation, resource allocation and failure management)
- Familiar tools and technology (built on top of the ... [ see more ]

Utilify Distributed Application Platform categories

High throughput computing, Framework, Distributed Computing, WCF, Cloud computing, Grid computing

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Free download Utilify Distributed Application Platform v.1.0 Beta


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