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Minimize any application to tray


OSWindows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 64-bit (x86_64)
LimitationsInstall and Uninstall
Added/UpdatedFeb 8, 2009 / Aug 11, 2011
LicenseFree to try
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4t Tray Minimizer Free approx. description

... 4t Tray Minimizer lets you running applications minimized as System Tray icons, which helps in adjusting free space on your taskbar ...

Desktop Enhancements:
- Extra title bar buttons: Minimize to tray; Roll Up/Down; Stay on top; Make transparent
- Extra items into a window menu: Minimize to tray; Roll Up/Down; Stay on top; Make transparent
- Hides system tray icons
- Launches Desktop programs from the system tray

Minimizing to tray:
-You can minimize to tray any application like: Outlook, Outlook Express, Interner Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and any other application
-Hides any application ... Any application can be hidden without displaying its icon in the System tray
-One tray icon for multiple instances ... This feature allows minimizing multiple instances of an application in the same tray icon
-Supports animated icons ... For example, if your mail client (MS Outlook) changes the icon on the new message arrival, its tray icon changes accordingly
-Shows/Hides icons in the Alt+Tab dialog
-Hides and Restores all opening application

For your favorite application:
-Customized keyboard shortcuts for quick launching and hiding your favorite application
-Customized 'How to hide the application' options
-Customized options of behavior in the hidden mode
-The favorite application can be auto hidden as soon as it is executed or as soon as it is deactivated
-Option to launch only one instance of the favorite application
-Restores and brings up ... [ see more ]

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5.22, 4.40

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Free download 4t Tray Minimizer Free 5.52

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