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full wetator Wetator 1.0.0

Smart web application web testing tool.


OSWindows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS, Linux, 64-bit (x86_64)
Added/UpdatedAug 29, 2012 / Jul 22, 2014
LicenseOpen source
SnapshotWetator snapshot

Wetator approx. description

... Wetator is a tool for automatic Graphical User Interface (GUI) tests of web applications ...

Wetator tests are executed using HtmlUnit, a Java based framework which is able to simulate the most popular web browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer) ... for testing exports)
The Wetator test format actually is XML (just hover the example test case at the top of the page) ... So you can use any editor you want to edit Wetator test cases or you may use the Wetator Test Editor for convenient, Excel-like editing in your Eclipse IDE ... Since they are XML, Wetator tests can easily be managed by version control systems and of course validated against their XML schemas ... [ see more ]

Wetator categories

HTMLUnit, application, tool, automation, test, GUI, testing, web

Versions changes for Wetator

0.9.14, 0.9.13, 0.9.12, 0.9.11, 0.9.10, 0.9.9, 0.9.8

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Free download Wetator 1.0.0

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